That’s Some Fine Wine Design

Posted on Jul 18, 2019 in Artifacts
That’s Some Fine Wine Design

When your brother owns a winery, inevitably you’re going to get to design some custom labels. Custom designing fine wine labels creates great opportunities for fun personal graphic design projects. They’re like mini-posters, they need to say a lot in a little space, and the best ones evoke an emotional connection to a time or a place. We’ve been fortunate to have had an opportunity to do that several times now.

Pitching in for Abe

The first was a special edition for our family reunion. Our grandpop A.J. “Abe” Sharadin was a teacher and coach during the early decades of the last century and even spent some years pitching in the minor leagues. When our uncle passed away we found this great pencil drawing of him and we collaborated on a label for a special magnum bottle of wine. Family lore says he could pitch righty or lefty, and I’ve inherited the gene. I seem to be able to throw them back with either hand.

Peace out

The second was on the occasion of our long-time and awesome office manager Betsy’s retirement. Her daily saying as she left for lunch was “I’m running out, I’ll be back!” So naturally, but reluctantly, we sent this child of the ’60s off with a psychedelic “I’m Running Out, and I won’t be back!” Red.

1919 was a really good year

The latest label design was for a really special place. This summer marked the centennial of the Lime Kiln Lighthouse on spectacular San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest. We were asked to create a commemorative logo and label for F.O.L.K.S. (Friends of Limekiln Society) as a fundraiser to help support the Lighthouse restoration and upkeep. If you ever get a chance to visit, it’s a must-see location. Orcas will often cruise by right offshore, and you get the most incredible views of the sunset over Vancouver Island. Pick up a bottle of wine there to support the Lighthouse, or stop by Mike’s Cafe and Winebar in nearby Friday Harbor. Ask Mike if Abe really could pitch with either hand. That will really get the conversation going!