The best way for you to get the most Value from us is to have clear expectations. The following are some statements and questions we review with you to begin relationships in total alignment. Then, as we evolve together, we continue to revisit these key areas to assure complete satisfaction.


Miller Designworks is first and foremost a studio made up of people – dedicated professionals. Our working relationship is always one of mutual respect and based on our 30 year history of expertise in the design industry.


You will always be able to reach someone at MDW with knowledge of your project. Do you require a one hour or 24 hour response? We will want to agree on preferred method, such as email, cell or business phone, and frequency. From beginning to end, we guarantee open dialog – or, the two way street – which is based on your specific needs.


We are always available for an on-site or remote meeting. All we ask is notice in order to schedule an efficient meeting. Most of the time we can accommodate same day requests. Steve Miller personally offers 24/7 availability for any reason.


Because we don’t employ account executives, all of our designers act as project managers and track their work via a leading job traffic software, so we have a detailed record of creative time spent on your behalf. You will always know who your contact people are on every project.


Every project begins with a proposal that is intended to be a “do-not-exceed” estimate. If there are decisions through the job that change the scope or direction, we will promptly discuss any impact to either budget or schedule and, if necessary, generate a change order to reflect the new direction.


The closest we get to formal agreements is a signature page in our project proposals. However, we are happy to sign nondisclosures and any other documentation your company may require.


When necessary, we will purchase photography, printing and other outside services as part of a project and apply a standard 20% mark-up. You are always welcome to purchase outside services directly, but we do caution against buying on price, not quality. And, we believe strongly in treating our vendor partners fairly, therefore we pay all outside costs within 30 days.


We typically bill in 1/3 increments. The first third is invoiced at project start-up and is due upon receipt. The second third is billed at an agreed upon point in the design process, net 30 days. The final bill is given after the project is complete, net 30 days. Do you require POs to start a project? We suggest that our office manager work directly with you or your accounts payable group for the best process.

Creative Ownership

The work we do for you is yours! Other than restrictions on possible illustrations, photography or printer files, you own everything. If you have any questions, we are happy to clarify with as much detail as you need.


Like any healthy relationship, growth will continue to redefine expectations and questions will arise. We hope for the opportunity to meet your growth challenges, together.