For nearly 25 years, this illustration has served as our brand identity, reflecting the extreme work ethic and collaborative creative process we apply to every relationship. Once the client, depicted on the left pulling the lever, begins the process, our creative wheels begin to turn. The final product is delivered using a variety of technologies and skilled professionals. To us, WORK is not a four-letter word – it is a privilege.


Custom creative drives our process.

Wondering how to stand out in today’s age of information overload? Gaining the attention of your target audience requires a precise message, original concepts, creative presentation and the right technology to deliver your message.

The Miller Designworks communications process is custom calibrated to bring it all together in a way that fits your unique needs. With your goals as the blueprint, our creative team produces a dynamic solution that combines the best in planning, design and media selection.

From traditional print materials to the latest multimedia technologies, your finished product is an original work, with the power to gain positive attention, and place you in a position of success.


Our energy is focused on you.

Ready to make the shift from marketing potential to marketing power? Miller Designworks can make it happen – by focusing our creative energy on you.

Since 1984, Miller Designworks has created award-winning graphic design and multimedia solutions by building on the unique goals, ideas and market perspectives of our clients. In the process, we’ve developed mutually beneficial long-term relationships that have grown stronger with each passing year.

Potential into power? We’d like to help you move into high gear, through a partnership that begins with your objectives and endures through your success.


Your results are our reward.

Is success defined by great design? We believe it’s defined more by smart design – appropriate graphic and electronic solutions based on sound marketing objectives.

At Miller Designworks, we’ve proven the value of this approach through the results achieved by our clients.

Through their success, we’ve been rewarded with long-term relationships that have enriched us both personally and professionally.

A few of our client success stories are described on this site. If you’re ready for a fresh communications approach, a new multimedia tool, or new ways to interact with your audiences, let us help you roll out a marketing success.