• Open Land Conservancy Sign
  • Photo of Mason Miller finishing installation of Open Land Conservancy's Diamond Rock Preserve Trailhead sign.
  • Photo of Lorimer Preserve Entrance sign
  • Cedar Hollow Preserve Information Kiosk photo
  • Airdrie Trailhead Sign
  • Airdrie Trail Marker and Advocacy Sign

MDW has a long history of aiding not for profit environmental and land conservancy groups through impactful and budget-conscious design. So we were a natural fit (excuse the pun) to help the Open Land Conservancy Preserves increase visibility, awareness, and visitor experience for seven of the preserves located throughout Tredyffrin Township. Miller Designworks worked with the new Conservancy branding and design system, designing and installing over 40 wayfinding directional signs, trail markers, entrance signs, and informational kiosks.
The signage pieces were digitally output as UV solvent flatbed printed on Aluminum Composite material and mounted to custom-built post and beam style signage holders.