Miller Designworks launches new site for BDP Project Logistics

Posted on Feb 26, 2009 in News & Press

Phoenixville web and multimedia design firm Miller Designworks launched a new site today for BDP Project Logistics, ( a Singapore-based division of BDP International. The site, designed and developed by MDW, is a twist on the normal web outsourcing story. Because Miller had developed the corporate identity and sales collateral, BDP Project Logistics had asked for a proposal from MDW as well as a web development firm based in Asia. When asked to review the submitted proposals because MDW’s was significantly higher, Miller Designworks was able to identify a number of areas that were not clearly specified in the competitor’s statement of work. After the proposal was revised to more clearly reflect the specified work, MDW ended up winning the bid. Subsequently, the web development work was sent offshore from Singapore to the U.S., not a business story you hear too often! The site is built to allow in-house BDP staff to manage content on the site. Through a web interface, staff makes changes wherever they are based, be it Singapore or Houston or Philadelphia. It’s a true collaborative global success story.

As Arnie Bornsetin, BDP Marketing Manager described it, “In the realm of web design and execution, what you don’t know about project scope and backend intricacies will come back to haunt you in lost time and broken budgets. MDW removes the specter of unpleasant surprise from the equation up front, working the details to match scope with budget. Good business, great creative.”

View the new site here