Intriguing Ambigrams

Posted on Jul 15, 2009 in Artifacts


John Langdon is the undisputed master of ambigrams, delightful graphic logotypes that can be read the same if they are reversed or flipped upside down. Ambigrams are the enchanting typographical palindromes featured in the novel Angels & Demons, the prequel to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Brown even honored John Langdon by giving the book’s main character Langdon’s surname. Robert Langdon shares his namesake’s personality quirks and fondness of symbols and puzzles.

While attending Drexel University I studied typography under John Langdon. His love and passion for hand rendered fonts and attention to subtle intricacies in typography quickly captivates all who come in contact with him or see his work. His play on words, influenced by what Dali and Escher did with images, consistently challenges the mind to look at concepts from entirely new perspectives. He taught me how to find the harmony within the details, and that the space between objects is just as important as the objects themselves.

Keep a lookout for the amazing ambigrams featured in this summer’s film version of Angels & Demons and visit Langdon’s website at for a more in-depth look at the artist and philosopher who has already influenced so many.